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10 Years

About us

Some information about our company

Nahez company was founded on March 2018 , the company has emerged under the Saudi vision 2030, focusing its long-term strategies on the Entertainment, Tourism, Training and F&B sectors. After the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage announces that Saudi Arabia will be soon open for tourists from all around the world comes the need to invest in this huge business. We will focus our business strategy on four main streams.

  • Food and beverage concepts
  • Entertainment concepts
  • Motels concepts
  • Events


Our History


Nahez company was founded by Mr.Naif Alosaimi , more than 10 years of experience in the food and entertainment business. He founded and managed different business related to F&B and events.The founder is also the Owner of the trademark “Shahdia” which is an event company specializes in big celebrations such as wedding events and public events. Shaida is a leading name in Taif city in the event sector due to the dedication and commitment we have demonstrated to our customers.The founder has Also managed Alosaimi company, a company that owns a chain of fast food restaurants and a 5000sqm wedding hall in Taif city.In Nahez company we are proud to have a great team coming from different professional backgrounds with a versatile experiences in various fields Such as Food and beverage, Entertainment, Events, and many more..


We strive to be a holding company  locally, regionally and internationally

Our message

We strive to provide the quality that our customers are looking for in whatever work we do at Nahez.


Catering consulting


Preparing weddings and parties