What we offer in this service

About us:

coming from the Bohemian lifestyle and culture we bring to the market “Sir Bohoo” or just Bohoo. An adventurous wanderer, A dream catcher who believes that the night air is filled with good dreams. A man with unexpected tastes and has a strong desire to Experiment. An artist, a story teller, A collector of things that will remind him of his travels.


In this concept we are mixing three different cuisines, The Middle eastern cuisine, The Italian cuisine and the American kitchen. Bohoo is built for the middle-class families. Customers will enjoy Fresh products, fresh ingredients and fresh music! Bohoo also has a section for coffee addicts in which we will be serving customers the best coffee experience in town.

The Vision:

To become the first local choice for breakfast lovers and dinners.


Mission statement:

Bring to you mouth-watering recipes from around the world and present them to you in a unique presentation, top quality and awesome taste